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A&K's Community Salvage

Agranam, session 1.

Behind her, the sound of metal on metal rang on. Her disinterested stare was not directed so much at the increasingly nervous huddle of folk as, well, kind of in their direction; where she would be able to see the Gilded Wolf's fireplace, if there weren't so many people in the way; it is most appropriate to say she was transfixed by flames she could no longer see. Yes, the young fellow with the big staff screaming "I'm a wizard everyone!" was now standing on the table. Two zombies walked into a bar. Funny the second one didn't see the first one's head pop off. A zombie walks into a bar. "You look like you could use a drink, how about a pint of beer?" bartender asks. Zombie croaks, "Braaii - hrrraaaaiign - rrrhaaaaiins!" Agranam stood and faced the desperate looking posse. 'So bartender says, "Sorry sir, we don’t carry Welsh beers here."' Too bad Ash isn't here, she thought.