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South Lake D&D Players Sought, aka entrepreneurs. Edition Five.

Make Friends. Waste time. Explore your inner egomaniac.

Every week for a four hour allotment you will sit around a table, before a roaring fire, imbibing themed beverages, listening to hand selected music (definitely including jazz, post rock, superb soundtracks, and probably including death metal and EDM), all to tell the story of Elbane the Interminable.

We use dice and odds to represent our abilities, yes. You will discuss elves and demons, yes. You will walk the planes, yes. You will abandon your life and seek the riches and excitement that only a career as an "Adventurer" can bring.

You will have homework. It won't be hard or take you long. You will be rewarded for your studiousness. The others will envy your handiwork. You will have a backstory. You will be a nobody. You will have bonds and flaws, and it will make you stronger. One day,  you may be a legend.

It will be impossible to slash  your way out of every situation. You will interject with stupid things, no matter how tedious they are. Your party will follow through on obviously terrible ideas. You will face the fact that you are punier than a few bandits.

I aim for a measure of levity. I will make things up. I'll do my best. You will steel yourself to honor your DM's awesome power.

(This campaign will probably be based in a Faerûn, unless I decide to build a whole new setting.)

Whether this interests you or not, because you are still reading you will contact me right now!


Problem Statement

Assignments are short and easy. Each assignment is on a separate topic. For each you must write an entity, which is just like a paragraph, but more abstract. A paragraph typically connotes physical length, whereas an entity connotes content depth. An entity always packs a punch, whereas a paragraph can contain empty words. An entity can be longer (but not shorter) than a paragraph, but not too much longer. Assignments are meant to be brief but thought provoking.

Grading and Deadlines

You will be required to complete at least two assignments per week. One of them will be updating your character sheet. Email your writing to me as soon as you finish it (this must be at latest midnight the day before we meet). Doing no assignments results in your character individually receiving a sessionary -20% XP rate modifier. Specifically, -10% for not updating your character sheet, and -10% for not completing one other assignment.

In a week, you can't pick the same topic more than once. If you submit two assignments on the same topic, I will only count the better of the two into this scoring system. I will count no more than 8 assignments each into this system.

Each completed assignment provides a +5% XP rate modifier that applies for all player characters. Rate modifiers stack linearly before application, so if 6 assignments are completed but you don't do any, for the next session, you will gain XP at a rate of [100%] + (5% * 6) - 20% = 110%.

There are also combos which increase the value of completing more assignments. Combos apply only to your character and stack linearly with other rate modifiers. Each provides a +5% XP rate modifier. Available combos are listed below.

Assignments will be judged exceptional, acceptable, or half-assed and will count as outlined above with the following caveats: acceptable assignments have no caveats. half-assed assignments will contribute only half an assignment towards combos, do not count to mitigate the -10% XP rate modifer, and are worth only a +2.5% XP rate modifier; if this occurs you may send a single paragraph arguing for your assignment's rigor which I will read and consider. exceptional assignments will each provide an additional all-party +2.5% XP rate modifier.

 Worst case:  you gain XP at 80% of normal.
 Best case:
 you gain XP at 360% of normal.

The goals for this are to keep the game and your character on your mind outside of session. Ideally, you would complete assignments early enough that you have a couple of days to ruminate on them before game. It would also be pretty sweet if you completed one writing assignment every day (and sent it to me that day, too!).

Warning: I am an asshole and a snob.

Each week, do #8 and pick one other. Write one solid, inspiring entity.


  1. 4 assignments
  2. 6 assignments
  3. 8 assignments
  4. Special: Assignments 1, 3, 5, 7  (the selection changes every week).

Story so far

Once upon a time lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

he Role of the Dungeon Master

I hope you are unsurprised by this, but I would like to make sure your expectations jive with mine:

From the PHB:
"One player, however, takes on the role of the Dungeon Master (DM), the game's lead storyteller and referee. . . . Your DM might set the campaign on one of these worlds or on one that he or she created. Because there is so much diversity among the worlds of D&D, you should check with your DM about any house rules that will affect your play of the game. Ultimately, the Dungeon Master is the authority on the campaign and its setting, even if the setting is a published world."

From the DMG:
"And as a referee, the DM interprets the rules and decides when to abide by them and when to change them."

I'm not going to deliberately break the rules in the books frequently, but I reserve the right to do so.